Projects That You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

There are very few things that are as rewarding as a successfully completed home renovation project. Today, thanks to technology that is readily available and easily accessible, as well as the endless home improvement resources available online, it is easier than ever to DIY anything. Whether or not you fancy yourself a home improvement expert, there are certain home improvement projects that should never be tried particularly by novices or individuals without prior experience.

There are plenty of home improvement projects that require one to have a certain amount of skill, expertise, specialized equipment and certifications, as well as permits. When some of these projects are done incorrectly, they can cost more to repair than they would have if a professional had been involved from the beginning. To make it worse, some projects can even be deadly so individuals should always play it safe before commencing a home improvement project. Here are home improvement projects that you should never DIY:

Floor Sanding

If you have never sanded floors before, you should never attempt to do it on your own because it is a skill that requires time to develop. When done incorrectly, a poor floor sanding is usually very hard to hide and can even diminish the value of your property.

DIY custom projects

If there is a project that requires you to have an intimate knowledge of procedures, especially if that project involves drilling below the surface, it is generally advisable to hire a professional service. Installing a custom shower or toilet by yourself, for instance, can result in a disaster of epic proportions that will need a huge chunk of change to repair.


Unless you know what you are doing and where to look, you should never attempt to fix your plumbing issues by yourself. Dismantling your pipes can be a tricky affair and when everything is linked to something else such as to the dishwasher or garbage disposal, the task at hand is even more challenging.

Electrical repair

Because electricity should never be toyed with, it goes without saying that you should never attempt an electrical repair job unless you are a trained electrician. Electrical repair is one of those things that require proper licenses and certifications so it is always best to leave any repair work involving electricity to someone qualified and trained.

Asbestos removal

Projects such as asbestos removals are characterized by a great deal of danger and should never be DIY-ed.

When undertaking a home improvement project, regardless of how large or small, safety should always be your number one concern.